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Regional culinary delights

Weißwürste mit BrezeFancy a Weisswurst (spicey veal sausage cooked in water) and a pretzel? Or other typical Bavarian meats and baked goods, or regional fruit and vegetables straight from the farm?

Numerous butchers, bakers, farm shops and farmers' markets will spoil you with Bavarian tasty treats ‘to go’ or pack them up for you to take with you as souvenirs to take home with you.

Amongst others you can obtain Bavarian meats and baked goods from the following.

Metzgerei Hofer Inning (butcher's)

Hauptstraße 23
84416 Inning am Holz
website >>

Bäckerei Neumaier Erding (bakery)

Landshuter Straße 26
85435 Erding
website >>