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Customs & Tradition

are tops in Bavaria and Erding 

Moosgeistertreiben Erding

The Bavarian, who is generally thought of as being relaxed, can sometimes be experienced as being obstinate but genial, someone who is not easily fazed. This way of life can be found alive in the large number of organisations dedicated to the traditional regional style of dressing, shooting or music.
The cultivation of traditions and the loving care of origins can be seen in such events as the Wartenberger “Bettelhochzeit”, the Beggars’ Wedding, which takes place every year on Shrove Tuesday, or the “Hemadlenzenumzug”, the Long-shirt Larries procession, in Dorfen on Nonsensical Thursday or the Erding driving out of the moor spirits, also on Shrove Tuesday. But also the large number of farmers’ markets and street markets mirror our living traditions and customs.
The many village, folk and autumn fairs in the communities in the region are very popular. The autumn fair in Erding in fact is the third largest of its kind in Bavaria.

Experience the Bavarian way of life with its warmth, friendliness and lust for life at one of the diverse events in the region. You can find the dates here in the events calendar.


There’s lots going on here – all you need to know, including dates, in the Erding leisure guidebook

With the leisure guidebook “Out and about in the county of Erding” to hand you won’t miss out on any of the typical regional markets in and around Erding. Whether it be a farmers’ market, a weekly market or a Christmas market, all the dates and exact locations are collected here in a tidy packet. Of course how and where we celebrate carnival in Erding and which carnival customs are based on which traditions can also be discovered here. Talking about traditions do you know where the “Schäfflertanz” (the Coopers’ Dance) has its roots? What is concealed behind the tradition of erecting May poles and when and where can you experience the Bavarian way of life at traditional folk fairs up close? All this and more are revealed by the leisure guidebook in section 2: “Customs & Traditions”.

This is the link for the download.