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LandschaftEnjoy Erding county's unique countryside

The county offers a large number of signposted and described hiking trails. Due to the geographical situation of the county with its extensive flat areas in the west and its idyllic hilly areas in the east the trails are more flat or hilly. So you can undertake more athletic hikes in the hilly parishes such as Buch am Buchrain, Fraunberg, Isen, Lengdorf, St. Wolfgang, Taufkirchen/Vils or parts of Wartenberg, or the more gentle trails in Walpertskirchen and parts of Wartenberg.

All the hiking and walking trails with length, difficulty and time needed are listed in the county’s leisure portal des Landkreises. The Hiking Brochure: "on Shank’s pony” (zu Fuß unterwegs) is available at the tourist information bureau as well as in the county offices and the local town halls.

Hiking and walking in Erding

The flyers showing the following routes with descriptions of the trail, map, distance and time can be obtained from the tourist office in the Schöne Turm and at the Erding town hall information desk:

Tour 1: Zu den Quellen Erdings >> (to Erding's springs and wells)
Tour 2: Ardinger Bergweg >> (Ardinger hill trail)
Tour 3: Geislinger Änger >> (Geislinger meadows)
Tour 4: Eichenkofener walking tour >> 
Tour 5: Erdings Türme >> (Erding's towers)
Tour 6: Indorfer Runde >> (Indorfer circuit)

Theme walk 1: Auf den Spuren der Erdinger Kunstmaler >> (on the trail of Erding's painters)
Theme walk 2: Der goldene Faden >> (the golden thread)
Theme walk 3: Brunnenspaziergang >> (walk to Erding fountains)
Theme walk 4: Erdinger Runde >> (Erding circuit)
Theme walk 5: Altenerdinger Runde >> (Altenerding circuit)


You can find many of the trails on the websites of the parishes or societies which were responsible for creating and caring for the trails:

All the trails are suitable for jogging or power walking!