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Sights worth seeing

Wasserschloss TaufkirchenWell worth seeing – historic monuments as witnesses to history

Amongst the sights in the Erding tourist region are a multitude of churches and other historic monuments. There are even a few castles to be discovered. A couple of these have moats. As to which of these sights you shouldn’t miss on a sightseeing tour through our Upper Bavarian home we hope that the following review of buildings, museums, tours and historically important finds will prove helpful.

Your perfect companion – the Erding leisure guide

The leisure guide pamphlet “Out and about in the county of Erding” is the perfect companion for discovering and experiencing Erding. In the first section “Sights worth seeing and Culture” you can find all you need to know about how to get here, all about the history of the old Bavarian towns of Erding, Dorfen and Wartenberg and find valuable tips for your cultural journey throughout the county.

Enjoy the countryside with the whole family in our multifaceted theme parks, take a good look at our ancestors’ way of life in the local heritage museums and thoroughly enjoy tours designed to show off the region or tour the castles of the county. A review of the numerous churches and excellent events in the region rounds off the first part of the guide to perfection.

You can download it here Unterwegs im Landkreis (leisure guide only available in German).