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Traditional, full of variety and typically Bavarian

Weekly markets and farmers’ markets enjoy a long tradition in the county of Erding. Here farmers and producers from the region sell fresh fruit and vegetables as well as flowers from their own fields. If you would like to experience this lively atmosphere then we suggest you visit the Green Market or one of the farmers’ markets in the region.

Also an integral part of the Bavarian tradition are the street markets in our towns and villages. Here on certain Sundays throughout the year a colourful mixture of goods – from clothing to kitchen gadgets, from carpets to spices - are sold along with a delicious selection of snacks . It often happens that the shops in the towns and out in the commercial parks are open on the Sundays when there is a street market.

The weeks before Christmas are also special in the Erding tourist region. With its fragrance of hot mulled wine, special Christmas biscuits, hot bratwursts and a whole lot more the charm of the Christmas markets casts a spell on the place. Every year a meeting point for the whole family are the Ardeo Ice Days in the centre of Erding. Surrounded by the historic backdrop of Erding and with a well-chosen music programme the 450 m² ice rink invites all the people of Erding and guests from the region to come and get their skates on.

Farmers' and weekly markets

Grüner Markt (Green market) Erding

On the Grüner Markt in Erding from Oktober till February and all other months on the Schrannenplatz in the city centre
Every Thursday except holidays 8.00 - 13.00 h
Website >>

Farmers' market Erding

Bauernhausmuseum Erding,
Taufkirchener Str. 24

Every Friday except holidays 12.00 - 16.30 h
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Farmers' market Dorfen

Forsterstadel near flood canal
84405 Dorfen
Every Friday 11.30 - 16.00 h
(all year)
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Weekly market Dorfen

Unterer Marktplatz, 84405 Dorfen
Every Friday 7.00 - 18.00 h
(During winter season till 17.00 h)
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Farmers' market Isen

Raiffeisenstraße 2, 84424 Isen
Every Friday 09.30 - 14.30 h
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Vilstaler farmers' market Moosen

Pavillon at the town square,
83565 Moosen (County of Taufkirchen)
Every Friday 10 - 16 h except holidays (March-December)
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gruener markt Erding
Innenstadt Erding
Straßenmarkt Dorfen

Street markets

  • "Lichtmessmarkt" (Candlemas market) in Dorfen and in Erding on the 1st Sunday in February
  • "Mittelfastenmarkt" (Midlentan market) in Dorfen in March. Most shops are also open
  • Child-oriented Erding and Sunday shopping on the 1st Sunday in April
  • Low Sunday in Dorfen in April
  • "Kreuzmarkt" (market) in Erding and Sunday shopping on the 1st Sunday in May
  • "Grasmarkt" (Herb or plant market) in Dorfen in April / May
  • "Veitsmarkt" (St Vitus market) in Dorfen in June
  • "Jakobimarkt" (St James market) in Dorfen in July
  • "Erntemarkt" (Duck market) in Dorfen in August
  • "Gallimarkt" whole weekend in Dorfen, with Sunday shopping, in October
  • "Erdinger Kirta - Kirchweihmarkt" (Kermis markeet) and Sunday shopping on the 3rd Sunday in October
  • Late night shopping in Erding with antiques and handcrafts flea market on a Friday at the end of October, finishes about 10 p.m. 
  • "Martinimarkt" (St Martin's market) in Dorfen in November
  • "Kathreinmarkt" (St Catherine's market) in Erding on a Sunday before the 1st Sunday in advent
  • Christmas market in Dorfen in December

Adlberger Markt in Taufkirchen on the weekend before Whitsun

During the oldest of Taufkirchen’s street markets Landshuter Street from Market Square to Hierlhof and Bräuhaus Street (Brewery Street) mutates into an entertainment strip. During the “Adlberger Night” on the Saturday evening the centre of the town turns into a huge outdoors party with open-air concerts.

TaufKirtamarkt (Taufkirchen's kermis market)

On the traditional Bavarian kermis weekend (third Sunday in October) the TaufKirtamarkt takes place in the Taufkirchen moated castle and exhibitors show their high quality and artistic handmade goods and organic creations which they have manufactured themselves. The whole is rounded off by a colourful programme of tours through the castle, a variety of performances, musical entertainment, crèche facilities and catering offering kermis specialities.

Wintermarkt Flughafen München
Wintermarkt Flughafen München
Weihnachtsmarkt Dorfen
christkindl dorfen
christkindl14 dorfen 2 th

Advent- and Christmas markets:

  • Winter Market in MAC Forum Munich Airport from November till the end of December
    You can find further information before the market starts here >>
  • Ardeo Ice Days and Christmas market on “Schrannenplatz” (Grain Market Square) during Advent, the four weeks before Christmas.

    Algasinger Christmas market on the first weekend in Advent

    Christmas market on Lower Market Square in Dorfen on the second and third weekends in Advent.

    Advent calender and Advent festivities in the castle in Taufkirchen (second Sunday in Advent) check the internet here >>


You can check our online events’ calendar for exact dates and times.