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Bathing lakes

Charming summer paradises in the county of Erding

Badesee LangenpreisingIn Erding county a whole number of lakes and bathing ponds invite you to come and swim, bathe and relax. For the people of Erding these are an integral part of summer, for our holiday guests they are a real insider tip. The following gives a short review of the larger bathing lakes and ponds in the county.

With its over 22 hectares the Kronthaler Weiher (pond) in the north of the town of Erding is largest bathing lake in the county. Along with two play areas and three beach volleyball courts and ping pong tables there is also a mini golf course.

The second largest bathing area in the county, Tenner Lake, lies about 1 km west of the market town of Wartenberg and about 500 m north-west of the village of Thenn. Here there is a play area and a beach volleyball court.

The Langenpreisinger Weiher (pond) lies to the west of the village of Langenpreising. Here there is a basketball basket and a floating island.

The Wörther Weiher(pond) lies south-east of Wörth, or north-east of Wifling.

Moosinninger Weiher lies 1 km south-west of the village of Moosing. Along with a roped off area paddling area and mushroom fountain for small children, it offers a football area, a beach volleyball court and a basketball basket.

In the east of the county in the village of Taufkirchen/Vils there is the Lainer See (lake), a natural lake. There is a children’s play area here along with a beach volleyball court, ping pong tables, tennis courts and a bathing island. Right next to the Lainer Lake is a campsite, the “Loaner Land“. 

The Notzinger Weiher (pond) lies south-west of the village of Notzing in the parish of Oberding. For the toddlers there is a special paddling area as well as a play area and a jungle gym.

All the bathing lakes and ponds listed here have a kiosk and public toilets.

More detailed information about all the bathing lakes and ponds in Erding county, including the quality of the water, can be found here.