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Erecting maypoles

MaibaumErecting maypoles also has a long tradition in our tourist region. And so even today one of the first weekends around 1st May is set apart for the erection of the white and blue lavishly adorned pole with its decorative figures and a wreath at the top. Usually at a central place, accompanied by lots of brass band music and Bavarian specialties the pole, often nearly 30 m high, is erected by strong men – and afterwards gustily celebrated. Always assuming the maypole is where it was last put.

Because that is also a much-loved tradition in Bavaria, the stealing of maypoles. This dastardly act is explicitly permitted amongst the young men’s’ associations in neighbouring communities in the time between the tree being felled and before the maypole is erected. But not to worry, a stolen tree can be freed in time – the payment of the ransom is made in the preferred coin of the real Bavarian, namely beer – which is then jointly drunk at the handing over of the maypole.

The current list of dates when a maypole is annually erected can be found in the events calendar.