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Spending money and having fun

The Erding tourist region - a multitude of treats for all your senses

Rathaus mit BrunnenThe best way to get to know the towns in our region is to take a relaxed stroll through the streets. In Erding as well as in Dorfen you will have plenty to see and enjoy when walking through carefully restored old town centres with their domestic architecture and shops and potter past their landmarks. Historical and modern facades provide shops, department stores and markets an charming backdrop.. And with Mediterranean flair along the shopping streets and market squares street cafes, bars and restaurants lure you to take the weight off your feet and relax - which incidentally, you can do long after the shops have all put up their shutters.

Our tip:
Saour the Bavarian summer with all its culinyry refinements whilst sitting on one of the numerous terraces of our cafés, pubs and restaurants!
Enjoy tradition - at local markets and in breweries.

Tasty Bavarian snacks can be discovered fresh at one of the farmers' markets or in shops on farms in our region, and of course be bought there. Especially on those Sundays when the shops are open Erding and Dorfen really throb with life.

Typically Bavarian are, of course, the beer and the art of brewing. During a tour of a brewery you can experience up close how the 'juice of the hop' is created. And if you're looking for a bit more, then small specialty schnapps distilleries will gladly open their shrines for you!