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Tours for bikes and e-bikes

Discover the Erding tourist region on two wheels

RadelnErding and its surroundings are a real paradise for cyclists. No matter whether you only spend an easy day gently cycling or whether you plan to spend the whole of your bike holiday in our beautiful Upper Bavaria. The many and varied signposted bike trails throughout the Erding region such as the long-distance trail “Through Erding’s countryside”, the “Sempt-Isen river trail”, both of which are part of the Bavarian bike trail network, or the “Vils river valley trail” will delight you.

Just as the numerous places where you can stop for a bite to eat and a drop to drink to keep your physical spirits up so the many sights and cultural highlights offer nourishment for mind and soul.

Praktical information and aids

All the trails at a glance!

A total of 1200 km of signposted or described bike tours can be downloaded by GPS-track on to almost every mobile phone. All the GPS-tracks are available for downloading at our tour portal.

ADFC Erding Radbeschilderung

County bike tour map and county bike tour brochure

Altogether 24 excellently described and signposted bike trails lead through the county, each with a different length and difficulty and all presented in a clearly laid out folding map along with a short description and an elevation profile. In addition the county bike tour map also includes references to sights worth seeing in the tourist region. 

RadtourenbroschüreThe tour guide is available for free in the county council offices, at the tourist information office in the Schöne Turm, at all the town halls in the county as well as the marked stops of the e-bike region.

In addition the bike tours in the county are also presented individually in a practical and laminated spiral folder along with a very detailed description of the tour and explanations of the sights, points of cultural interest and history as well as a lot of pictures from the tours. Of special interest are the author’s tips. The brochure can be bought for € 7.50 from the county offices, at the tourist information bureau in the Schöne Turm as well as all the town halls in the county.

E-Bike signetE-Bikes for hire!

Whether you have already become acquainted with the advantages of e-bikes or whether you simply want to try it out: you can hire an e-bike including an interchangeable battery at our rental stations.Supplementary to the normal bike tours 7 tours specially designed and signposted for e-bikes with a total of 310 km await you!


adfc logoGuided bike tours lead by the Erding ADFC

Guided bike tours and all up to date information about cycling can be found on the ADFC county of Erding branch website.


Bike shops in and around Erding

Here you can find bike shops in and around Erding in a download put together by the Erding branch of the ADFC. The opening times of the various shops can be found on the appropriate website of the shops themselves.

Want to know the elevation profile of the trail you are planning on ?

You want to know how many metres elevation gain you will be looking at on the trail and where the horrible steep bits hide? The elevation details of the tour are provided by Google maps in its newest feature. Here you can find out how it works >>.
This is the link to Google maps:

ADFC-recommended express routes into Munich

Express routes for commuters, pedelecs and those in a hurry to get to Munich should look here.
Once in the centre of Munich those needing a Wi-Fi hotspot can log in here. The map of the centre of the city shows all the hotspots.


skulptour Weg 1 skulptour Weg 2


SculpTour bike trail

Experience the wooden art in the north eastern part of the county >>

Experience the wooden art in the south eastern part of the county >>

Experience the wooden art in the western part of the county >>