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Erding cultural delights

Innenstadt PferdegespannTradition as a spectacle of the region from the region

These spectacles and performances all have one aim, namely to pass on the history and customs of the Erding tourist region authentically and stirringly. Amateur actors and performers in traditional costumes come together regularly for this wonderful tradition and bring the past back to life again and again. Truly cultural delights are the Schwedenspiele (re-enactment of the taking of Erding by the Swedes during the Thirty Years’ War) in Erding and the Bierkrieg (Beer War) in Dorfen, the Altenerdinger Bauernhochzeit (Old Erding Country Wedding) along with the Schäfflertanz (dance of the coopers’ guild) and the traditional costumes parade and pilgrimage. And should you never have enjoyed a real country theatre production you will find all the dates for folk theatre plays in Bavarian dialect in our events calendar.

Country Wedding in Altenerding (Old Erding)

Bride and bridegroom have been found, the dowry agreed upon and the wedding marshal has invited all the guests. The amusing wedding ceremony of the bridal pair with a festive wedding procession with everyone dressed in old traditional costumes takes place during carnival at Hofmark Square in Old Erding. The ceremony is accompanied by brass-band music, horse-drawn coaches and carts as well as historical dances, Gstanzl (short pithy verses set to music, often done on the spur of the moment) and other acts.

This historical tradition is organised by the Young Farmers’ Club of Altenerding and only takes place every 10 years. The next one will be in 2025.

Video on Youtube >>

Bierkrieg zu Dorfen (Beer War in Dorfen)

A historical open-air theatrical performance set in the actual locations and telling the story of a 1910 Bavarian affair resulting from the price of beer being raised by 2 pfennigs causing irate citizens to set fire to several of the public houses.
Further information can be found directly on this website >>

Erding’s Swedish Pageant

A historical open-air spectacle about the invasion of Erding by the Swedes and the plundering of the town in 1632 and set in front of the original backdrop of the Landshuter Gate, the Beautiful Tower, the town’s landmark. This pageant is enacted by the amateur folk theatre group from Altenerding roughly every 5 years. At the same time there is a Swedish Camp at the Green Market with a beer garden. You can find the dates of the next performance in our events calendar.

Dog races in Großköchlham

Every year at Whitsun there is lots of lively action in quiet little Großköchlham. This big event in Erdinger Holzland (Erding’s Woodlands) is organised by the “Cosy Großköchlham” shooting club for hundreds of visitors as a part of hearty festivities with Bavarian snacks, specials from the grill and coffee and cake. And naturally our four-legged friends are the main attraction at this traditional party. The dogs start in three classes over a distance of 200 m. An enjoyable event, not just for dog lovers.

Großköchlham lies in the parish of Taufkirchen, between Ottering and Hofkirchen (B388, turn off for Sonnendorf and Großköchlham). It starts at 9.00 with an open-air church service, the dog racing starts at 15.30 and the presentation ceremony takes place at about 16.00 when the cups and prizes are awarded.

St Leonhard’s Ride (Leonhardiritt) Wartenberg

This Catholic custom takes place annually at the end of the farming year around 6th November on the feast day of Saint Leonhard, the patron saint of animals. On this day the participants solicit God’s blessing for their livestock, nowadays mainly for horses and ponies.
The start is at 13.30 with prayers on the Market Square, about 14.00 the solemn pilgrimage with festively decorated horse-drawn coaches and riders as well as accompanying music moves off through the little market town of Wartenberg finishing up with the blessing of the animals

Medieval Markets

For a whole weekend we whisk you away on a journey through time back to the Middle Ages, the era of knights in shining armour, jugglers, merchants, castle damsels and story-tellers. Enjoy a programme rich in diversity and demonstrations of old traditional crafts, the historical market fair in the Erding farmstead museum in September. The special exhibition on the Thirty Years’ War is also on then.

Vintage car weekend in Thal

The local history museum Thal near Schröding is the venue for the annual 4-day vintage car weekend in the Erding Woodlands and which takes place at Corpus Christi. Here, on different days, you can marvel at all kinds of vehicles from earlier times, from motorbikes to Rolls Royces and tractors and round off the day with a visit to the museum. Refreshments ensure that no one need go hungry or thirsty.

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Every seven years sees them dancing – 2019 will be the next Coopers’ Dance year

The old custom of the Coopers’ Dance goes back to the year the Black Death visited Munich when the town was still scared and mourning despite the fact that the epidemic was on the wane. Nobody dared to go out onto the streets, everyday life had come to a standstill.

A group of young barrel makers, coopers, started to decorate barrel hoops with leaves and danced through the streets. With their guild dance the coopers tried to convey joy and optimism to the population. Since then this custom has been repeated every seven years. In the county of Erding there is also a group of coopers who continue this custom.

Pilgrimage of the supporters of the local traditional country costume to Maria Thalheim

This celebration of belief and of coming together is the oldest pilgrimage in the county. The service is held in the open, confessions can be heard in the pilgrimage church and there is a musical background.


Costume festivals

In a lot of communities many traditions are kept alive by the societies for the continued use of the local traditional costumes (and customs) and the events they organise to this end along with costume and village or town fairs. Decorative costumes, lively music and traditional dances and Schuhplattler dancers help you to familiarise yourself with Bavarian culture and traditions.

Wartenberg Beggar’s Wedding

On Shrove Tuesday Wartenberg celebrates the beggar’s wedding on the Market Square. Be there when the coach and horses bring the dowry to the Market Square and the beggars march to the marriage ceremony with their procession. The climax is the turbulent wedding ceremony and afterwards the final carnival party in the Strogn hall.

With our events calendar we keep you up to date on all the events.

Other popular traditional and historical highlights which might be of interest to you are the Munich Oktoberfest, the Kaltenberg Medieval Games and the Landshuter Wedding.